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Rocking Chairs & Sets

Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Create the perfect focal point for your front porch with comfortable POLYWOOD® outdoor rocking chairs. Our rocking chairs constructed from HDPE lumber boast superior craftsmanship and are a breeze to maintain.

6 Items
  1. Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    Vineyard Vineyard Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 29 fabric colors
  2. Prescott Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    Prescott Prescott Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 6 fabric colors
  3. Braxton Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    Braxton Braxton Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 29 fabric colors
  4. Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    Vineyard Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    2 Deep Seating Rocking Chairs + Rectangular Conversation/Coffee Table + Deep Seating Loveseat
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 29 fabric colors
  5. Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    Vineyard Vineyard 4-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    Square Side Table + Rectangular Conversation/Coffee Table + Deep Seating Loveseat + Deep Seating Rocking Chair
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 29 fabric colors
  6. Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    Vineyard Vineyard 3-Piece Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set
    2 Deep Seating Rocking Chairs + Square Side Table
    +7 POLYWOOD® colors 29 fabric colors



POLYWOOD Jefferson Rocking Chair in Teak

At POLYWOOD®, we use all-weather HDPE lumber to construct our variety of outdoor rocking chairs which makes them unrivaled in durability and craftsmanship. With an outdoor rocking chair that’s designed to last for generations on your porch or back patio, you can finally enjoy the contoured support and comfort you need without worrying about continual maintenance. You can spend hours in your outdoor rocking chair in simple self-reflection or watching your children and grandchildren play without experiencing any aches or pains.

We have a variety of outdoor rocking chairs that would make beautiful additions to any outdoor living space. Whether you live out in the countryside, in the bustling city, or at the edge of the ocean, there’s a POLYWOOD outdoor rocker that’s made just for you. If you're looking for modern rocking chairs, Adirondack rockers, classic outdoor rocking chairs, or simply colorful rocking chairs, POLYWOOD has a variety of outdoor rockers designed to any lifestyle.

Presidential Rocking Chair in Lime on front porch

Great design. Easy assembly.

“I love everything about these rockers! Great design, very comfortable and assembly was so easy.”

- Cynthia W.

Delighted POLYWOOD customer since 2018

Rocking Chair Colors

At POLYWOOD we believe outdoor rockers should be both comfortable and beautiful — they’re a front porch staple after all! Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why we offer our colorful outdoor Adirondack, deep seating, and traditional rocking chairs in a variety of hues from vivid greens to earthy browns. We blend UV inhibitors and stabilizers into our HDPE lumber so the color you love will remain vibrant year after year.

Outdoor Rocking Chair Features

Weather resistance icon

Unlike other rocking chairs for the outdoors that you’ll replace each season, POLYWOOD weatherproof outdoor rocking chairs are built to withstand all four seasons and a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, salt spray, and heavy winds.

Low Maintenance icon
Low Maintenance

When you’re in the market to buy an outdoor rocking chair, be sure you’ll spend your time relaxing, not maintaining. Genuine POLYWOOD lumber ensures each of our outdoor rocking chair designs cleans easily with soap and water and never requires painting, staining, or waterproofing.

Recyclable icon

One of the most unique features of our outdoor rocking chairs is that they’re infinitely recyclable! Each day, we transform truckloads of recycled milk jugs into genuine POLYWOOD lumber to construct our wide array of outdoor rocking chairs styles.

Farmer enjoys rocking chair outdoors while reading newspaper

History of Rocking Chairs

Just like genuine POLYWOOD lumber, the rocking chair was invented in America. Although no one knows just who invented the first rocker, we know the classic rocking chair design was inspired by rocking cradles and rocking horses (which had been around for hundreds of years before the rocking chair made its debut). Believe it or not, the rocking chair was actually created to be used outdoors, but as time went by the rocking chair found its way inside homes. Today rocking chairs are found both indoors and outdoors and are universally known as a spot to relax and unwind.

Where To Enjoy Your Outdoor Rockers

Braxton Porch Rocking Chairs in Teak
Porch Rocking Chairs

On the front porch, on the back porch, or on a wraparound porch… a front porch rocking chair looks great anywhere (and creates a comfortable and relaxing spot just where you need it).

Presidential Rocking Chairs in vibrant colors
Lake House Rocking Chairs

There’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the waves roll up on the shore. The rocking motion of an outdoor rocking chair mimics the back and forth movement of the waves so you can get an enhanced sensory experience right in your outdoor living space.

Green Presidential Rocking Chair in rustic cabin setting
Cabin Rocking Chairs

Whether your cabin has a view of the mountains or a river, or it’s shrouded in beautiful woodlands, a rocking chair for outdoors would only add to the relaxing experience.

White Estate Porch Rocking Chair on stone patio
Patio Rocking Chairs

Some strategically placed outdoor rocking chairs would add warmth and a sense of welcoming to your patio. Pairing the rocking chairs with a coordinating outdoor side table or with pieces from our deep seating collections would complete the comfortable and attractive look.

Prescott 3-Piece Porch Rocking Chair Set in lush outdoor setting
Beach House Rocking Chairs

A calming view of the water can certainly make anyone happy to be outdoors. Adding a few outdoor rocking chairs to the back deck of your beach house would enhance your relaxation and enjoyment of the beautiful view.

Jefferson 3-Piece Woven Rocker Set
Three Season Room

Put your rocker in your three season room so you can enjoy the outdoors even when the weather isn’t cooperating. The sounds of a thunderstorm coupled with the gentle rocking motion of your outdoor rocking chair makes for a soothing experience.

Estate Porch Rocking Chair set in White

Exactly the rockers we were looking for!

“These rockers were exactly what we were looking for. They are the perfect size for our porch, easy to put together, and have a good weight to them so they do not blow away or move. We especially like the material and how easy they are to clean. They are comfy and the backs are tall enough to rest your head against as you rock. We recommend!”

- Kate D.

Delighted POLYWOOD customer since 2019

Rocking Chair Sets

Rocking Chair Sets for Two

You and a loved one can sway in comfortable tandem in a POLYWOOD outdoor rocking chair set for two. The timeless style, welcome comfort, and evident durability of our outdoor rocking chair sets turn any outdoor living space into a relaxing retreat.

3-Piece Rocking Chair Sets

Why worry about coordinating multiple pieces of outdoor furniture in your outdoor space when we’ve already done it for you? At POLYWOOD, we have a variety of 3-Piece Rocking Chair Sets that pair our outdoor rocking chairs with coordinating side tables so you can pick the perfect pieces to fit your ideal vision of a comfortable outdoor setting.

Deep Seating Rocking Chair Sets

Make your outdoor space the ultimate spot for deep relaxation with a Deep Seating Rocking Chair Set from POLYWOOD. Our supportive, comfortable rocking chairs for outdoors are fitted with soft yet durable all-weather cushions and can be paired with coordinating side tables, conversation tables, fire pits, and more — the perfect combination of comfort, style, and variety.

Adirondack Rocking Chair Sets

When you combine the laidback ease of an Adirondack chair with the smooth undulation you get with a traditional rocker you get an unparalleled experience in relaxation. This experience can be shared with loved ones with POLYWOOD Adirondack rocking chair sets. With so many colors and styles to choose from, you’ll be able to create the unique look you desire for your outdoor space.

Shop Outdoor Rocker Sets

EstatePorch Rocking Chair set in Green

Great chairs!

“The Estate Rocking Chairs are great for relaxing on the deck. I love that they were easy to assemble, require little to no maintenance, and last forever!”

- John H.

Delighted POLYWOOD customer since 2020

Rocking Chair Buying Guide

Need help choosing the perfect outdoor rocking chairs for your outdoor living space? Check out our detailed buying guide with tips on choosing the perfect outdoor rocking chairs for your unique lifestyle.

View Rocking Chair Buying Guide

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Rocking Chairs FAQs

Can I leave my patio rocking chairs outdoors all year long?
Yes! Our weatherproof outdoor rocking chairs are constructed from durable HDPE lumber, making them resistant to harsh weather conditions and other outdoor elements.
How do you clean POLYWOOD patio rocking chairs?
All you need to do to clean one of our rocking chairs is scrub the surfaces with soapy water and a soft-bristle brush, then rinse with clean water.
What are the most popular porch rocking chairs at POLYWOOD?
Does POLYWOOD have high-back rocking chairs?
The rocking chairs that we offer with the tallest backrests are our traditional and Adirondack rocking chairs. They have backrests that are all close to the same height — varying between 28 and 30 inches depending on the rocker.
What is the weight limit on POLYWOOD rocking chairs?
Our rocking chairs can hold up to 400 pounds.