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Dining Tables

Outdoor Dining Tables

Eat, drink, and be merry alfresco with our every-occasion outdoor dining tables. We’re serving up durable, sustainable, and stylish designs that are made for morning rituals and leisurely meals in good company.

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Spending time outside is one of life’s greatest joys. Birds chirping at daybreak, kids laughing around the dinner table, peaceful nights under the stars—those are the moments we live for. That’s why everything we do and design is intended to encourage more of them. 

With deep respect for the outdoors and the people who enjoy it, sustainability has always been our second nature. To protect and preserve natural resources for future generations, our eco-friendly patio dining tables also offer unrivaled durability and longevity. We believe doing better starts in our own backyard, and all of our furniture is proudly made in the USA.

“This table is on our screened in porch, and it's perfect. It's kid friendly, and it's somehow modern-yet-traditional in all the right ways. Everything was smooth from ordering to the faster-than-expected delivery.”

- Sophie H.

EDGE 39" x 78" Dining Table, purchased Jan 2022

Dining Table Colors

We offer a wide range of fade-proof colors that naturally flow with your style and existing outdoor pieces. Vivid pigments are injected into the material early in production, meaning that the hues are continuous throughout the lumber. Our innovative Color-Stay Technology keeps the colors pristine, even after years of sun, rain, and accidental spills.

Dining Table Features


Our dining tables may wear many hats, but their main job is withstanding inclement weather. Genuine POLYWOOD lumber won’t warp, splinter, or rot, so it can live outside all day, every day without losing its quality or good looks.

Low Maintenance

Patio furniture should be enjoyed, not constantly maintained or tossed out after a few seasons. Our lumber cleans right up with soap, water, and a soft-bristle brush, ultimately putting time and money back in your pocket.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Did you know that HDPE can be recycled—forever? Genuine POLYWOOD lumber is always made with sustainable materials, including landfill- and ocean-bound plastics, giving everyday items like milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles a second life.

Table Sizing 101

To find your perfect fit, the basic factors to take into account are the average number of people you entertain and your usable square footage. Our collections range from balcony-friendly bistro tables to 96” designs fit for a feast. 

If you’re a family of four or typically host intimate gatherings, a 37” or 44” table may be the way to go. Larger groups call for 72” tables, but 96” may offer the most flexibility—especially for those impromptu plus-ones. The ideal size will also depend on how big your space is. Expansive yards or decks should comfortably handle 72–96” designs, while bistro tables or 31” styles are just right for patios on the petite side.

How do you set an outdoor dining table?
A patio table can be dressed up or down depending on your style and the occasion itself. For worry-free entertaining, layer a machine-washable tablecloth with melamine dishes, durable silverware, and acrylic glasses for beverages. A small centerpiece goes a long way for adding personality and dimension, but you’ll want to allow enough room for table settings and ensure that guests can see each other.
Do I need a rug for an outdoor dining table?
Easy-care outdoor rugs are ideal because they pull double duty. First and foremost, they protect wood, stone, brick, and tiles from scratches and scuffs that may be caused by an outdoor dining table (not to mention spills and stains from food or drinks). From a style perspective, outdoor rugs create a well-appointed, unified look.
How big should a rug be for an outdoor dining table?
The general rule is to to choose an outdoor rug that extends about 2 feet from all sides of the table, enough so that all four legs of your outdoor dining chairs or bar stools are positioned on the rug. Space permitting, it’s a good idea to allow 1–2 feet of walking space between the rug’s edges and the perimeter of your outdoor area.
Outdoor Dining Sets

Go all out with our 9-piece outdoor dining sets, which accommodate the most table settings and family-style dining. These sets are substantial, so you’ll want to ensure your outdoor space allows for it plus clearance for friends to comfortably move about. (Pro tip: measure it out with painter’s tape!)

Take full advantage of patio season with our 7-piece outdoor dining sets. Suitable for a wide range of group sizes and occasions, these roomy dining sets are destined to be your new favorite place for brunch in the garden, intimate birthday parties, and late-night libations.

Party of four? Your table is ready. Our five-piece sets do outdoor entertaining flawlessly—whether you’re hosting a double-date night or sipping tea on a cool autumnal morning. Available in classic, transitional, and modern aesthetics, these sets play well with most outdoor setups and styles.

Inspired by sidewalk cafés and cozy bistro-style eateries, our 3-piece sets are a breath of fresh air in small spaces. (We're looking at you, apartment balconies.) They’re particularly great for those midday coffee breaks and post-work happy hours too. 

Don't Forget the Chairs

You've picked out the perfect table, and now it's time to choose your chairs. Create an all-season dining set your family will love gathering around with our coordinating dining chairs. From modern options to classic styles, you're sure to find seats that suit your alfresco aesthetic.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Outdoor Dining Set
We’re dishing out expert advice for choosing the right table, the best seats, and other tips to maximize the comfort and potential of your outdoor dining area.
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